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Grimspell Gaming Launch on Ritual Madness Podcast

Grimspell Gaming (formerly "Geekstar Gaming") kicked off their existence with a visit to the Hexican's Ritual Madness Podcast on Feburary 29, 2020. The hour-or-so podcast covered a range of topics from who we are, what we plan to do and why we plan to do it. The future of Grimspell Gaming will span experience discussion from tabletop to role-playing games, to coverage of fantasy and sci-fi entertainment to shining lights on individual game creators and undervalued games.

Blog. Podcast. Videocast. The Grimspell Gaming group brings over a hundred years (combined) of gaming experience to the culture and conversation of modern gaming, and will do so in a range of multimedia platforms. 

Click on the image below to hear more about Grimspell Gaming, the people involved and the exciting experience ahead.

Game on!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The original name for this group was planned to be "Geekstar Gaming". It was the name that won an internal vote on our "band name". Unfortunately, since this podcast happened, we discovered some conflicts of interest that forced us to consider on our second naming option,  which was "Grimspell Gaming". You will hear us reference "Geekstar Gaming" throughout the Podcast, but all future content will reference "Grimspell Gaming", not "Geekstar Gaming". Honestly, Grimspell fits our concept far better. We're geeked for it.  

Grimspell Gaming Ritual Madness Podcast
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