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Game Showcases

Game Showcases by Grimspell Gaming will highlight specific games for full coverage - blog, podcast and videocast - to educate, inform and play the game.

The list below is intended to be sequential with assigned target dates, but the targets and the games per showcase may vary. The "Showcases" are game experiences which Grimspell Gaming will give primary focus and attention; we also plan to visit conventions, conduct interviews and engage with the gaming community in many other ways - which could involve gaming outside of this list. 

Thus, don't be surprised if you see us post gaming content to the Grimspell YouTube and blog about it here, even if it wasn't a planned event. We're gamer geeks, after all.

1. Folklore: The AFFLiction

Target Showcase Date: April 2020

Source:  Greenbrier Games

Style:  Tabletop RPG


2. Four Against Darkness

Target Showcase Date: May 2020

Source:  Ganesha Games

Style:  Pen-and-Paper Game

3. Ironsworn

Target Showcase Date: June 2020

Source:  Shawn Tomkin

Style:  Pen-and-Paper Game

4. Scarlet Heroes

Target Showcase Date: July 2020

Creator:  Kevin Crawford

Publisher:  Sine Nomine Publishing

Style:  OSR 1:1

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5. D100 Dungeon

Target Showcase Date: August 2020

Creator:  Martin Knight Games

Style: Pen-and-Paper Game


6. Expedition

Target Showcase Date: September 2020

Creator:  Fabricate.IO

Style: Role-playing Card Game