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About Us

Grimspell Gaming

Grimspell Gaming (formerly "Geekstar Gaming") is five venerable dudes who love gaming so much that they want to share their experience and love of gaming with the world via blog, podcast and videocast. Their homebase is the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA, which is a great place to hibernate for four months out of the year and play lots of tabletop and role-playing games. 

Grimspell Gaming plans to game test, game cast and play through twelve "Showcase" games over the next year, as well as one-off games as time allows. It's our goal to inform you about new or rare games, educate you on how to play these games, and entertain you with our wit and experience. These showcases will be recorded for podcast and videocast, and be shared on various platforms like Sticher and YouTube.

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Gamer for as along as gaming books have been sold, Artemis runs Grimspell platforms, adds artistic flair to gaming, and coalesces chaos like a Lich in a licktastic candy store. He also runs Seretic Studios, LLC, which often feels like fighting with a flock of fierce kobolds. Gaming keeps him sane. Relatively.



An avid fan of gaming of all kinds since the late seventies, Harrington is our head dungeon master, primary game coordinator and game runner. Harrington hunts for rare and unfamiliar games, and continues to add to his dragon's horde of self-created campaigns through



Tough exterior, teddy bear stuffing, Hexican runs Grimspell podcasts, interviews and interventions. He bleeds and breathes beats, and has more tattoos than hit points. His  primary podcast passion is his Ritual Madness Podcast work, and he provides the soothing host tones you would expect from a man named Hex.



Don't let the polished facade fool you - Panopticon has been gaming since the 80s, and has extensive knowledge of comic books and counter culture. As the head videographer and film master of Grimspell, he makes the camera magic happen and helps us tell the visual story of how to play (and when to cut the tape of)  the games of Grimspell. 



More than just the bard of the Grimspell party, Tyr has been gaming for decades, in addition to his extensive experience slaying with a guitar and other tools of sonic destruction. Tyr is explosive sound guy and exploding drummer all-in-one, and gives our casts a soundtrack (and/or laughtrack, when necessary).