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A Day in the Life of a Gamer

Grimspell Harrington MartinBeing busy at home is both a blessing and a curse. I'm often involved in multiple projects in the evenings, and at least one of them is always gaming related. If you'd like a little glimpse behind the curtain, and an idea of how I stay up to date on gaming information, here's a primer. 

My day job typically ends before rush hour, so I almost always get a jump on the heavier traffic and make it home before everyone else is sitting in their cars, helpless in the deadlocked concrete jungle.

So I'm home early enough to decompress from the day and relax for a while. I'll typically login to my home PC within minutes of arrival. Within the first few hours after coming home, I'll have played a few games, read through some of what I've been working on for my writing, made some progress on a game I'm building, or researched a game. There's always something gaming related going on within those first few hours. 

In the early evening, I'll generally switch over to reading some gaming articles on my phone, taking notes for games I'm building, cycling through assets I'm using for various gaming resource pools, taking notes regarding additions and future add-ons for games I'm working on, or bouncing some ideas around in my head while I relax on the couch with my better half.

Even when I'm starting to wind down for the day, there are characters I'm considering, genres I'm pondering, and games I'm considering looking at the next morning.

By the time I've gone to bed, I'll have spent hours over the day working on games, enjoying games, and making games a priority in my life. This isn't even a conscious decision, most of the time. I fall into these patterns like it's a form of instinct.

If I'm not involved in gaming over the course of a day, something's probably wrong with me.

I gravitate towards gaming whether I want to or not. 

In the mornings, I'm up insanely early. My mind immediately begins working within the gaming agenda from the minute I leave the house for work. 

So what happens when I have more to do in the evenings and on weekends? You know, actual adult responsibilities and all that happy horseshit? Well, I make due and find a way to put in some game time, regardless. There are always deviations from the norm, and emergencies and tragedies that take priority, but the importance I place upon gaming is unequaled in all of the voluntary and involuntary decisions I make.

I'm not "interested in gaming," I'm attached to gaming as if it's woven into my psyche. 

Every day is a gift, but there are never enough minutes. If anyone ever tells you you're wasting your life by gaming all the time, you tell them they're wasting their breath by attempting to dictate what your life means to you. 

Every game is a challenge and a work of art.

Use your minutes wisely, and find your art.

Grimspell Harrington A Day in the Life of a Gamer
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